Training is at the core of our mission statement. We are passionate about hydraulic systems and we want to share our knowledge with your work force.

At Ascension Hydraulics we have vast experience in hands on field service as well as engineering design calculations. This allows us to customize our training material to exactly what you want your personnel to learn.

Our hydraulic design software is at the core of how we train. The circuit animations in our software provide a visual illustration to reinforce the concepts that we detail in our training sessions.


Ascension Hydraulics offers two standard 5 day course curriculum. The Hydraulic Design Class for Engineers is a course designed for engineers who design, service, or interface with hydraulic systems.

This course takes a detailed look into hydraulic components, their operation, selection, and interaction. This includes actuators, valves, accumulators, hydraulic power units, fluid conductors, and heat exchanges. The last (2) days of the course are focused on complete system design and sizing. This course is fairly calculation intensive.


The Fundamentals of Hydraulics for Technicians Course is directed towards mechanics, technicians, and engineers who are looking to build a solid foundation in the principals of hydraulics.

This is a practical course that covers the basics of fluid power equations, schematic symbols, how hydraulic components work, and analysis of hydraulic circuits. The last day of the course is focused on troubleshooting systems. This course covers many practical examples of hydraulics systems.


*Please note that Ascension Hydraulics will modify or construct any course to be more applicable for a customer’s equipment or training needs. We will also modify the class duration in accordance with the content that is desired to be covered.

PDF Training Courses


Hydraulic Design Course
for Engineers


Fundamentals of Hydraulics
for Technicians

Watch How Our Hydraulic Circuits Come to Life!

Accumulator Animation

Simple Hydraulic Circuit Tutorial
Part I-Schematic Analysis

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Simple Hydraulic Circuit Tutorial
Part II-Circuit Animation

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