Clamping SchematicDouble ConeUtilize our 18 years of Industrial and Mobile Hydraulics Experience to Design your system. We are happy to design complete systems and let you source the material.

Our engineered system package includes a system description, system sizing calculations, a system hydraulics schematic, a complete bill of material and a logic diagram to integrate the hydraulic controls with the requisite electrical signals.

We specialize in the following:

  1. Industrial Motion Control Systems
  2. Servo/Proportional valve systems
  3. Mobile Equipment, including steering, braking and hydro-static transmissions
  4. Hydraulic Attachments for mobile equipment
  5. Load Holding Systems

What Do Our Customers Say?

I asked Mark to design a hydraulic system to aid with tooling in my machine shop. From the start, he asked all the relevant questions about the application and then presented me with different options.

He explained the pros and cons of each potential solution. He understood how important cost was and stressed which solutions would be the most energy efficient. He also explained how each option could be modified to minimize heat rejection.

The system we selected worked exactly how Mark predicted. I would definitely use Ascension Hydraulics for future hydraulic projects.


Jeff Rudd
Owner Of Electrum Industries

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