18 Combined Years Working on Hydraulics Systems In the Following Capacities

Mark White is the Founder of Ascension Hydraulics.

Mark’s Vast Experience in Hydraulics Includes the following:

  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
  • Certified Fluid Power Hydraulic Specialist through the International Fluid Power Society
  • Field Service Engineer
  • Field Service Manager
  • Project Engineer
  • Electro-Hydraulic Servo Valve Systems
  • Electro-Hydraulic Proportional Valve Systems
  • Specialized Valve Stand Design
  • Specialized Hydraulic Power Unit Design
  • Hydraulics Product Manager for a Control Systems Provider


Telescopic Material Handler Hydraulic System Design Engineer Including the Following Subsystems:

  • Fixed Displacement Gear Pump Systems
  • Variable Displacement Load Sensing Piston Pump Systems
  • Power Steering
  • Braking Systems
  • Implement Functions and Load Holding Systems
  • Hydrostatic Transmissions
  • Minimizing Hydraulic Parasitic Loading
  • Telehandler Attachment Design and Optimization
  • Telehandler Product Support and Troubleshooting
  • Machine Shop Automation

What We Do

Ascension Hydraulics will thoroughly review any hydraulic system and provide a detailed analysis and recommendations.

Utilize our 18 years of Industrial and Mobile Hydraulics Experience to Design your system!

Provide System Schematic Drawings and More

We will provide complete system schematic drawings and a bill of materials.

We can provide on-site, customized training seminars, tailored to your specific equipment!

Any standard or customized course from Ascension Hydraulics can be offered in a web based virtual classroom. This will allow students to see example problems, ask questions, and view hydraulic circuit animations.

We have the software to animate your hydraulic system. Our Animations will Enhance Your Team’s Ability to Visualize the Interworking of their Hydraulic Components.